Need to Erase Evidence of Your Arrest?

It might surprise you to learn that even if your criminal case was dismissed, dropped or you were acquitted, records relating to the case still exist and are considered public information. You might not have even been convicted of an offense, yet the fact that you were charged at all is able to be viewed by the public. This could spell trouble when applying for a mortgage or job, higher education, loans or even apartment rental, as each require a thorough background check.

Consider hiring a skilled criminal defense attorney to help expunge your record, which will remove evidence of prior charges and arrests out of the public record. With the help of an experienced expungement attorney, you can ask the court to order all records relating to prior Texas arrests to be officially erased or destroyed.

If your petition is granted, you are legally able to deny that the arrest ever happened, as well as the process of expungement itself.

Eligibility for record expungement varies. Regarding your petition, the judge will consider the following circumstances:

  • You were arrested, but not charged
  • You were found "not guilty"
  • Your criminal case was dismissed
  • You were acquitted or found "not guilty" by a judge or jury of a misdemeanor or felony charge
  • You were convicted at the trial level, then later acquitted by the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals
  • You had your case dismissed after completing deferred adjudication probation for a class C misdemeanor
  • You received official pardon from the Governor of Texas or President of the United States
  • Someone else was arrested under your name

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