Nervous About Your Third DWI Charge?

A third DWI offense can be very serious for any offender and should be handled very responsibly and promptly. A third conviction could result in a felony conviction and permanent damage to your records. There are many steep reproductions for a third offense, punishments that should be carefully examined and prepared for. Your educational and/or occupational opportunities may be severely limited, along with the rights to vote and to possess or own a firearm. All of these possible punishments are reasons as to why getting a trusted and experienced law firm like Carroll Troberman, PLLC to represent you when awaiting trial.

Many people who are facing charges of their third DWI offense are usually nervous and worried about the outcome. This fear is rightfully appropriate because of it’s implications that a defendant has faced similar offenses not once but twice before and seemingly still disregards the law. However it is important to remember that each and every DWI case is different and should be examined fairly and challenged thoroughly to assure an honest and just trial. Here at Carroll Troberman, PLLC we fight to keep our clients from being made an example of regarding their DWI offenses.

What Happens After My Third DWI Offense?

Taking the right steps immediately following a third offense on driving while intoxicated can be the deciding factor between a justified punishment and hostile and severe punishment. This is largely because of the increased intensity of the charge, considering it now becomes a felony offense. Immediately following the incident, Texas law requires an immediate detainment in jail. It is important to contact our legal defense team as soon as possible following this incarceration so the plan can begin to look for the correct representation for you.

Your previous convictions are going to be examined by the court so it is important that our legal team has access to them as well to help build your case. We must begin by carefully examining all the parameters surrounding your current charges and build a plea based on many of the factors surrounding the incident.

  • BAC at the time of incident

Depending on exactly how high you rank with your BAC in correlation to how close it was taken to the time of the stop or accident can help build your case. There is a large difference between blowing just at or above the legal limit and being far beyond comprehension of the limit. While there is no excuse for driving while intoxicated, sometimes it is an honest misunderstanding as to what level you perceived you were at.

  • Speed and location of incident

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