A DWI conviction is no laughing matter. Even a first conviction can have dire consequences, not to mention what you could be facing if it is your second or third offense. Did you know that for any DWI offense your license will automatically be suspended for 40 days after the day of your arrest if you don’t request an administrative license revocation (ALR) hearing within 15 days?

Other possible penalties include a fine up to $2,000, up to 180 days of jail time or up to two years of probation. You donate want to face a DWI charge on your own, which is why you should get in touch with an experienced DWI defense attorney as soon as possible.

Why Experience Matters

You don’t want your DWI case to be handled by an inexperienced attorney. Knowledge and experience with DWI cases is of utmost importance for your defense and can make the difference between being acquitted or convicted. Carroll Troberman Austin DWI attorneys have the experience you need to aggressively fight for your case. Attorneys Meredith "Shelly" Troberman and Blair Carroll have ample experience with Texas DWI cases and outstanding professional relationships with Travis County Court judges, prosecutors and staff workers.

Blair and Shelly both know the ins and outs of the system and can help you navigate it. They will work relentlessly to defend your rights.

DWI Frequently Asked Questions:

Getting charged with a DWI is very serious, and they are enforced very rigorously all throughout Texas. It’s crucial that you get in touch with a DWI defense lawyer immediately following your charges.

Do I have to take a blood or breath test?

Texas has an implied consent law. This law means that if you are arrested for a DWI, then you consent to taking either a blood or chemical test to determine the level of alcohol content that’s in your blood. If you do refuse the test, then your refusal can be held against you in court and your license will be suspended for 180 days.

How soon after my charges should I hire a defense attorney?

Ideally, the sooner the better, if you want to keep your license, you’ll need to put in a request for a hearing within 15 days of your DWI arrest. So, if you want to attempt to keep your license, you’ll want a DWI lawyer on your case as soon as possible. If you don’t file a hearing, then you lose your chance to fight for the ability to keep your license.

Will my license be suspended automatically?

Your license suspension will depend upon the actions you take immediately following your arrest. If you do not file a hearing within 15 days of your arrest or if your blood alcohol percentage was above 0.08 percent, then your license will be suspended.

If my license was suspended, can I still get a temporary license for work?

Once again, this depends on your previous criminal record and driving record, but in most cases, yes you will usually be able to get an Occupational Driver’s License which will enable you to drive to and from work.

If this is my first DWI will I receive jail time?

If this is your first alcohol related offense then you will most likely avoid any jail time. However, this depends on the details of your case.

What are the usual DWI penalties for first time offenders?

The usual first time penalties involve a fine of up to $2,000 and jail time that is no less than 72 hours and no more than 180 days. However, if it’s your first offense, sometimes the time spent in jail will be waived.

Depending upon the details of your case your license may also be suspended for a time that is no less than 90 days and no more than 1 year.

What are the DWI penalties for second time offenders?

A second-time DWI offender will see their fine increase to $4,000, as well as an increase in jail time, with a possible sentence of a minimum of 30 days and a maximum of one year in jail. The license suspension will also increase to no less than 6 months and no more than 2 years.

What are the DWI penalties for third time offenders?

If you’ve been convicted of a DWI for the third time, then you’ve just committed a 3rd degree felony. The fine will increase greatly, facing costs of up to $10,000. The time spent in jail will also increase to no less than 2 years and no more than ten years. You will also be facing a possible license suspension of two years.

What are the drunk driving laws in Texas?

The drunken driving laws in Texas are based upon driving with a blood alcohol level, or BAC, that’s above the legal limit. The enforced legal limits are below:

  • Under the age of 21, a BAC of .02 or more
  • Drivers of all ages, a BAC of .08 or more
  • Any commercial vehicle drivers, a BAC of .04 or more

Anytime you exceed this limits you run the risk of getting convicted for a DWI.

How many drinks does it take to surpass the legal limit?

The legal limit in Texas is a BAC of .08. This score is determined by a variety of different factors, including: age, weight, sex, and the time interval in which you consumed your drinks. There are some basic calculators and phone apps which purport to calculate your BAC. However, if you are planning on drinking it’s smarter to abstain from alcohol completely.

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