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Blog Posts in December, 2013

Avoiding a DWI This Holiday Season

The Christmas holiday season is supposed to be a time of celebration and jolly cheer–the last thing you want to be worrying about is a DWI charge. With holiday parties every weekend, it can be ... Continue reading»

Illegal Search and Seizure: What You Need to Know

The 4th Amendment In the U.S. constitution, limits are placed on law enforcement via the 4th Amendment. It limits police’s ability to make unlawful arrests, search people, seize their property ... Continue reading»

Hit and Run in Texas: Reasons, Penalties, Defenses

Texas’ Hit and Run Penalties Penalties for hit and run are very strict in Texas, however they depend upon the degree of damage at the scene. Penalties are much less harsh if no physical injuries ... Continue reading»

Is Forensic Science a Science?

Sherlock Holmes. Hercule Poirot. Nancy Drew. Dexter Morgan. Benson & Stabler. All famous detectives from the media who use forensic science to solve their crimes and catch the culprit. Forensic ... Continue reading»

A Guide To Posting Bail In Texas

When a loved one has been arrested, you may be scared, angry, and worried, not to mention the bail process can be frustratingly confusing and complicated. Putting all emotions aside, when a friend or ... Continue reading»

Expungement: Sealing Your Record

You’ve heard the saying “crime doesn’t pay” before. Not only can a criminal charge result in jail time, fines, probation, and legal costs, but a criminal record can follow you ... Continue reading»