Managing Risk

Reducing your risk of lawsuits by using these proactive strategies when building your business. Here are some tips for reevaluating your risk management procedures.


Every time you hire a new employee, you’re taking on risk. When examining potential employees, check their references thoroughly. Run a criminal background test. Confirm the validity of any certifications, licenses, or degrees. It’s your responsibility to make sure this person is free of any foreseeable liability. Also, to protect yourself from a hiring practices lawsuit, make a detailed records of your hiring process. Make dated notes on any phone calls, background checks, and employment ads.


Use a standardized orientation and training process to ensure that each of your employees are familiar with your organization’s philosophies and customer approach. Consistency in knowledge of the brand identity is key to making sure that each employee is capable of giving customers consistent service. Be sure to revise your training curriculum regularly to accommodate things like new legislation or changing industry trends. The overall goal is consistency.


Additionally, don’t underestimate the potential of emergency situations that require swift action from your staff, or yourself. Make sure they are properly educated on how to act in various emergency situations, especially ones that could require immediate medical attention. A potential lawsuit could happen when a customer required immediate medical care and didn’t receive it. On the other hand, someone could sue as a result of poor medical care received before an ambulance arrived, so make sure you are getting trained by a reputable organization. Also have a plan in place for any natural disasters that could happen and make sure each employee knows it. Have your emergency response plans in a place where everyone can easily reference them when needed.

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