Plea Bargains

What is a plea bargain?

A plea bargain is a way for the prosecutor and criminal defense attorney to agree on a punishment for the accused without the need for a criminal trial. However, plea bargains do not apply to every criminal case, and in order for one to be successful, the judge must ultimately approve.

How does a plea bargain work?

Before the case goes to trial, the prosecutor and criminal defense attorney will meet to potentially agree on a plea bargain. In return for accepting guilt, the defendant will be offered the option of serving a reduced sentence or being charged for a lesser crime. Often times, if the defendant is facing multiple charges, the prosecution will offer to drop certain charges in exchange for proclaiming guilt.

Plea Bargain Benefits

Plea bargains are beneficial to just about everyone in the trial process: the defendant and criminal lawyer, the prosecution, and the court system.

  • Prosecution: The prosecutor benefits because the defendant agrees to plead guilty. There is no way that the prosecution can lose the case. Also, parts of the deal might require the defendant to agree to testify against someone in another criminal case.
  • Defendant: The defendant could receive a reduced prison or jail sentence, have certain charges dropped, or receive a lesser penalty.
  • Court: Plea bargains aid in alleviating issues such as overcrowding of jails and time constraints associated with criminal trials.

Plea Bargain Negatives

There are a few cons to the plea bargain process.

  • Prosecution: It might morally bother the prosecution that the defendant was able to receive a lesser charge, penalty, or sentence.
  • Defendant: The defendant must admit guilt. Also, the defendant forfeits the chance of being found “not guilty” by trial.

Criminal Defense Attorney

If you or someone you love is facing criminal charges, a plea bargain might be an option for you. However, it is essential that you hire an experienced criminal lawyer that can negotiate effectively. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Carroll Troberman, PLLC. Call today for a free consultation.

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