Probation vs Parol

Probation and parole are both “p” words that refer to a result of criminal conviction, however, they have very different meanings. Probation and parole are similar in that they are both penalties occurring in life outside of jail–they are criminal restrictions that apply in the outside world. With both parole and probation, failure to follow the requirements could result in being put back in jail or prison.


Probation is issued by a judge upon sentencing as a result of a criminal conviction. It can be given on its own or in addition to jailtime. If a person is put on probation, there are certain restrictions and requirements that must be obeyed. For instance, some common probation requirements include regular drug testing, therapy, holding a job, and checking in with a probation officer.


Like probation, parole has certain requirements and restrictions the parolee must follow after being released from prison. However, parole is circumstantial early release awarded for good behavior in prison. Upon sentencing, possibility for parole is usually awarded by the judge, along with a minimum amount of time before the convicted person can apply for parole. Once a prisoner is eligible for parole, he/she goes before a parole board to explain his/her good behavior and why release would be a good idea. If the parole board agrees, the prisoner becomes a parolee and is released. The parolee must then obey requirements and restrictions much like those for probation once he/she is released.

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