When Can Minors Be Charged as Adults?

Over the weekend a teenager in New York city brought a gun to an ice skating rink and shot two people, a 20-year-old man and a 14-year-old boy. The suspect is 16 years old and is being charged as an adult with assault, reckless endangerment, and criminal possession of a weapon. But hold on a minute- how does a teenager get charged as an adult?

How Does it Happen?

In order for a minor to be charged as an adult, a judge must sign a waiver that waives the suspect of any protections that juvenile court provides. Typically judges only do this for serious crimes. Here are some additional requirements that a judge considers before signing a waiver:

  • Is the offender at least 16 years old?

  • What kind of criminal record does the offender already have?

  • Have rehabilitation efforts failed?

  • Would youth services need to work with the offender for a long time?


Being tried in adult court, a minor faces some significant disadvantages, such as the following:

  • More severe sentencing, like life imprisonment, as well as less options for punishments (counseling, establishing a curfew, etcetera).

  • Serving time in adult prisons or jails instead of juvenile detention centers

  • Adult criminal charges are more stigmatized than juvenile criminal charged. In addition, they are more difficult to expunge.


It may also seem like charging a juvenile in adult court only has negative consequences for the minor, but there are actually some advantageous reasons that attorneys may pursue adult charges. Advantages include:

  • The right to a jury in adult court

  • A jury that may be more sympathetic toward a minor

  • A juvenile’s case may get a lighter sentence and can tend to be disposed of faster in busy, full jurisdictions.

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