Law Allows Direct Sales From Texas Distilleries

Learn about texas distilleries direct sale lawA new Texas law went into effect on September 1st which allowed in-state distilleries to sell their spirits directly to customers instead of having to sell through a distributor. This direct sale method allows the distilleries to sell up to two bottles per customer per month, which typically occurs after a tour of the business.

Before SB 905 was passed, customers could visit distilleries but could not purchase spirits directly from the business. Customers would leave the tours empty-handed and would have to purchase spirits from a separate distributor, like a liquor store.

This law follows in the footsteps of laws that allow wineries to sell directly to the public. As vineyards allow wine tastings, distilleries also allow tours and spirit tastings. If you are going on a spirit tasting, pace yourself. It’s typical for samples to be given out in one half ounce or one ounce increments because of the higher alcohol content. As with any alcohol tasting, small amounts are used to keep people from getting drunk by the end, but you are encouraged to pour the extra out of your glass into a designated bucket or container if you don’t want to drink it all.

If possible, bring along a designated driver if you wish to partake in the spirit tasting but don’t want to worry about having to drive afterwards. Remember, by nature, spirit tastings can be more effective at inhibiting your sobriety than wine tastings. If you need to, wait awhile before getting behind the wheel or take a taxi. If your blood alcohol content is above 0.08, you can be charged with a DWI.

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