Strictest Gun Legislation in the Country?

Gun Legislation in Austin, TXIn Texas, we like to protect our gun rights. Across the country in Maryland, however, perhaps one of the strictest gun laws in the country has been passed and took effect Tuesday.

The new law will ban 45 types of assault rifles and magazines that can hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition. It also will implement stricter regulations that will make it difficult for those with mental illnesses to purchase a gun. Most notably, those who purchase a gun will need to get fingerprinted and go through additional gun safety courses. It also will allow police officers to enforce gun laws and punish dealers who aren’t following the law.

The law was created by Gov. Martin O’Malley in light of the Newtown, CT shootings that happened in December of last year. While the federal government failed to pass stricter gun legislation after the shooting, some states took it upon themselves to pass harsher gun laws.

The law has created a huge demand throughout the state among gun stores, and the state police have been working overtime to process over 100,000 background checks.

Opponents say that the new law solely serves a bureaucratic purpose, and feel that the government is infringing on their second amendment rights. The NRA has already filed two federal lawsuits against the new law.

Allys of the law are praising the law for preventing future gun violence by adding hurdles to gun ownership.

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