Texas Gun Law Overrides NFL

Texas Gun Law Overrides NFLTexas state law has overridden a National Football League policy in which off-duty officers will be able to carry weapons to games with them. The NFL policy states that the only police officers who are allowed to carry a gun into games are those that are on duty and claim that there is no need for an armed, off-duty police officer because security at games is already effective on its own. if a problem arose, there would be enough armed on-duty security to take care of it.

Normally, off-duty officers who attempt to bring guns to a game would be denied entry. In Texas, however, state law overrides a lesser NFL regulation. Armed off-duty officers would just need to come through a specific entrance and inform security of where they will be sitting during the game.

Supporters of the NFL policy argue that there is already enough security at games to protect from an active shooter. Also, alcohol served at games may inhibit the training and precision of an off-duty officer at games. Opponents of the policy support Texas’s gun law and say that it adds another layer of protection at games that can reach a capacity of up to 85,000 people.

Currently, there are two football stadiums in the state of Texas that house NFL football teams. The Dallas Cowboys play at AT&T stadium in Arlington, and the Houston Texans play at Reliant Stadium in Houston. Members of the general public (ie- not off-duty officers) are prohibited from bringing any weapons or firearms of any kind to these stadiums.

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