TV Myths About Criminal Defense

TV myths about criminal defenseThere are a lot of myths surrounding criminal defense proceedings. These are fueled by the media portrayal of crime on fictional TV dramas. While a DNA test may take several weeks in real life, on TV the results are waiting just after the commercial break. Here are some of the most common portrayals about trials, arrests, and other criminal defense proceedings that are almost completely false.

Myth #1

DNA testing, fingerprint databases, and lab tests are widely available and give quick, accurate results.
If only testing was like that in reality. First, DNA testing is run through a database that contains less than 10 million samples, which means finding a match isn’t going to be all that frequent. The fingerprint matching database has a similar problem. It only contains 100 million fingerprints, which is just less than a third of the US population. Lastly, lab testing in general isn’t as quick as the TV shows make it seem. Often, labs are backed up for weeks or even months.

Myth #2

Criminal trials are overwith in a day.
This is not totally true because there are some cases that only take two days, which is pretty short, and there are cases that take weeks. Depending on the complexity of the case, the jurisdiction, and the general minutiae of criminal proceedings, the trial could take days or weeks.

Myth #3

Cops don’t lie and can make deals.
While cops may seem like they aren’t supposed to lie because they are abiding by a moral code, that simply isn’t true. Cops can lie to your face if they need to and present false information as truth in order to get suspects to confess. In addition, cops on TV often strike deals with secondary suspects if they give info on primary suspects. A plea deal is an official document that no cop has the authority to give out themselves, but most people don’t know that.

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