What Happens If I Violated Probation?

What Qualifies As A Probation Violation?Probation violations can happen to anyone. If you accidentally missed a court date or didn’t check in with your probation officer, the consequences can be serious in the state of Texas. Probation is an alternative form of punishment given out in lieu of jail time, but if you violate your probation you end up back in trouble.

What Qualifies As A Violation?

Probation is an agreement between you and the county, and you must agree to do things or not do things (like withhold from illegal behavior) in order to not go to jail. Most often, these activities result in a probation violation:

  • Committing an illegal crime

  • Getting arrested for an unrelated crime

  • Missing a scheduled court date

  • Not reporting to your probation officer

  • Not paying fines

  • Travelling out of state

  • Selling or using illegal drugs

What Happens After A Violation?

If your probation officer decides, you may be required to go to a probation violation hearing in court, which could end up in a penalty like going to jail. During the hearing you’ll plead your case to the judge while the probation officer presents their side of the evidence. After that you’ll be sentenced.

What Are The Consequences?

Usually the consequences for violating probation depend on the original crime committed. In addition, the court will consider whether you have any previous violations and any other circumstances surrounding the case. Typically, a probation violation can end up in longer probation, fines, or jail time. In severe cases, your probation can be revoked and you can go to prison.

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