What If I Get a DUI Out of State?

If you are on vacation out of state and get charged with a DUI, you still can face similar consequences as you do in your home state. This is because DUI laws tend to be similar across jurisdictions. In addition, most states have access to a national information system that keeps track of any conviction details an individual may face. this is called the Interstate Compact.

You’ll need to travel back to the jurisdiction you were charged in order to appear in court. This means if you were charged in Minnesota but you live in Texas, you’ll have to make the long journey back. If you are traveling to your date by car, keep in mind that your license may get revoked, so plan on bringing a friend or family member along that can drive you.

If you don’t travel to your court date, your record will reflect that, and you can face serious consequences if you ever get into trouble with the law again. A warrant will be put up for your arrest if you miss your arraignment hearing. Your arrest warrant can be input into the Interstate Compact system and can follow you back home.

If you are into self-preservation, you will attend your out-of-state court date. If you get probation, you can work with your probation officer to get it transferred back to your home state. You may have to fill out additional paperwork and pay a fee, but in most cases people can get things transferred back home. Community service can also be transferred back home as well.

Just because your DUI was out of state doesn’t mean that you are off the hook either. If you get arrested in your home state while on probation, you’ll be getting a call from out of state letting you know that you violated their terms of probation and require you to attend another court date.

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