Weird Thanksgiving Crimes

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Back in 2004, a New York woman was driving down the highway when a group of menacing teenagers in an oncoming car tossed a frozen turkey through her windshield. Unfortunately, the turkey weighed approximately 20 pounds, and that coupled with the speed of the cars and direct impact was enough to cause the woman’s esophagus to cave in and shatter her cheekbones and jaw. One of the teenagers, who was only 19, eventually plead guilty to second-degree assault. In the courtroom the teen broke down in tears when apologizing to her, to which she responded with “It’s okay, I just want you to make your life the best it can be.”

Clever Canine

On Thanksgiving day in 2001, Ohio police were called to the scene of the crime by one of their own- a police dog. The dog was at home with his officer, Nandor Santho, at the time, but had stepped on a cell phone accidently calling 911, twice. The emergency operator took the dog’s whimpers to be those of a distressed woman, so the call was traced to Officer Santho’s home. Police officers entered the home in search of a distressed woman, but instead came across 150 marijuana plants hidden in Officer Santho’s basement. He was later charged with illegally manufacturing drugs.

Yucky Stuffed Yams

Four people were arrested in 2003 for attempting to transport more than $8.2 million worth of cocaine and marijuana into London. Now, for the Thanksgiving spin: the illicit drugs were stuffed inside of a bunch of yams that were being imported into the UK. All in all, the yams contained 114 pounds of cocaine and 800 pounds of marijuana.

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