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What Factors Affect Child Support in Texas?

The Texas Family Code § 154.123, set in April 1995, is a crucial part of the legislature in Texas which decrees the instances that a parent might be justified to have child support. In order to be granted child support, you will have to demonstrate how the needs of your child and your family place a strain on your financial income. The court will also consider several other factors about the child’s current status.

Some of the aspects that the judge may examine include:

  • The child’s age and physical, mental, and emotional needs
  • The financial ability that each parent is able to offer for taking care of the child
  • Any other monetary sources available to the parents, from savings to an inheritance
  • Expenses for paying insured and uninsured medical needs
  • How long each parent spends with the child, both in the past and the present
  • The childcare time and expenses required so that the parents are able to work
  • The presence of any other children who are shared by the parents
  • The presence of any other children whom each parent has had with another partner
  • Any past or current amounts of maintenance that a former spouse is giving or receiving

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Duration of Child Support

Usually, the time that support is offered for children lasts until that child turns 18. In certain cases, even if the child has turned 18 but is currently enrolled in full-time school to get a high school diploma or a GED, child support will often continue to be enforced. However, if the child becomes emancipated, enlists to serve in the military, or gets married, child support is usually halted since the child has proved their ability to be independent.

One key exception to this is when the child involved has a disability or special needs. Oftentimes, this child will need increased care and prolonged supervision, perhaps because of a physical or mental difference. Since these children would not be able to support themselves, child support could last permanently, or at least for an extensive amount of time. No matter what your specific circumstance is, you can rely on our devoted Austin child support attorneys to represent your case with compassion and dedication.

Why Should I Hire A Child Support Lawyer?

Here are some important ways that a child support lawyer can help you:

  • Navigating the child support system can be overwhelming and confusing. A child support lawyer can guide you through the process and ensure that your rights are protected.
  • Your lawyer can negotiate on your behalf for a fair child support agreement.
  • If necessary, your lawyer can represent you in court to enforce a child support order or modify an existing agreement.
  • A child support lawyer will have experience dealing with local laws and regulations related to child support cases.
  • Child support lawyers understand the financial aspects of these cases and can provide advice on assets, taxes, and other factors that may impact payments.
  • Hiring a child support lawyer allows you to focus on co-parenting and caring for your child, while leaving the legal details to a professional.

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Carroll Troberman, PLLC Child Support Legal Counsel

While many couples who are getting a divorce usually seek to go their separate ways with as little contention as possible, this becomes exponentially more difficult when children are involved. Particularly if a parent requires child support, and the other parent does not feel able to offer support, this delicate scenario needs the knowledgeable counsel of an Austin child support lawyer immediately.

Whether you are trying to get child support established for the first time, seeking to enforce a current order of support, or requesting a modification of a past order, a simple case can quickly become a fierce confrontation. At Carroll Troberman, PLLC, we are dedicated to helping you in upholding your child’s best interest. You can rely on our experienced lawyers to give you dependable legal representation and keep the situation from negatively affecting your family.

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