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DWI: First Offense in Austin

What to Expect on Your First DWI Offense

Being convicted of DWI can result in severe legal and financial consequences, even on the first offense. While there are definite and understandable laws against driving while intoxicated, incidents take place and often times are misunderstood. Isolated incidents can easily be misconstrued as excessive reckless behavior, thus leaving the offender seen as a criminal and poor character.

Being cited for a DWI depends on a few different things. Some of the parameters that define a first offense DWI charge are:

  • Age of offender
  • Level of BAC
  • Prior convictions
  • Hazards to situation (multiple passengers, surrounding traffic, vehicle being operated, etc.)

Every DWI case is different and should be properly examined and represented as best it can for a fair judgment. This is why our legal advisers should represent you if you’re facing a first offense DWI charge.

    Walking You Through Every Step

    Many times first-offense DWI receivers fall into an understandable amount of worry and panic. They don’t know what their options are, what steps they should take to face the charge, and what the outcome will be or their future has in store for them. Knowing that there are so many strong campaigns against drinking and driving and having heard many stories of serious punishments for offenders of DWI’s, clients come to us in a frantic state of disbelief. That is where our legal team steps in to handle a case and ease our client’s minds.

    Our legal experts start by breaking down each and every parameter of your case and examining it thoroughly so as to present the case in the most authentic and positive light it can be in. Often times first time offenders of DWI are honestly just in the wrong scenario at the wrong time and some of the stiffer punishments for these offenses shouldn’t be handed down to those who have admittedly made a mistake.

    On paper, many cases look far more critical than they actually are and our lawyers will help get the facts across before serious and effective conviction puts our clients in heat. Everything from the time and place the incident occurred to the supposed effects and damages it caused will be looked over.

    What Could My Punishment Be For My First DWI Offense?

    It’s possible to face steep fines, a driver’s license suspension, increased auto insurance rates, and blemishes on your permanent record seen by employers and educational institutions, should you be seriously convicted of a DWI charge. The state of Texas is active in pursuing anti-drunk driving campaigns and outlets. However, this does not mean that each and every offense against driving while intoxicated should be put through the rings of all absolute punishments. In order to prevent your case from becoming another statistic, you need an aggressive DWI attorney to gain leverage in your defense.

    Act quickly to save your driver’s license: you only have 15 days from the date of your arrest to request an administrative license revocation (ALR) hearing.

    Legal Penalties for 1st DWI

    Unfortunately, A first DWI charge is considered a Class B misdemeanor and is punishable by a mandatory jail term of 72 hours. However, with proper representation and a strong team of legal advisers fighting for you, you could alleviate some additional penalties which can include any of the following:

    • Driver’s license suspension of 90 days to one year
    • Fines up to $2,000 (more if someone was injured or killed as a result, or if a minor was present in the vehicle)
    • Jail time between three days and 180 days–approximately six months.
    • Installation of an ignition interlock device (if BAC level was .15 or more)
    • Community supervision (aka adult probation)
    • Completion of a state-approved alcohol or drug education program
    • Community service up to 200 hours
    • Monthly reporting to a probation officer
    • DWI school
    • A criminal record

    If you are cited for an incident involving driving while intoxicated and it is, in fact, your first offense, there are definite avenues for retribution and punishment reduction if you act quickly and take the steps to actively pursue a fair judgment.

    A large part of how a conviction or judgment will turn out has to do with the offender’s actions and attitude post-citation. By being cooperative, understanding, and assertive that you are a good person who has made a mistake that you’re well aware, you have a great chance of seeking forms of retribution should you couple these aspects with hard working and loyal legal team.

    Ways to Minimize DWI Penalties

    Often times there are ways to actively promote that you as an offender have considered the consequences of your actions and understand the impact that DWIs can have on the public. While each conviction for a DWI charge is different and the terms and conditions that are pending against your case are all individualized for your charge, there are other things you could do to promote a better light on your offense.

    Some of these actions reflecting on your plea and case can be:

    • Willingly participate in an outreach program for alcohol awareness
    • Submitting to regular evaluations of your state of body and toxicology
    • Reach out to impacted victims and meetings that they hold to show understanding and compassion

    Don’t be mislead, there could be serious penalties and marks against your permanent record when facing a DWI charge. While some of the punishments received can be inevitable given the nature of the offense and parameters of the traffic stop or accident, there is still hope that a large portion of the usual punishment can be relinquished through your cooperation and decision to choose one of Austin’s top criminal defense attorneys. Our case record for the hundreds of different DWI cases we have worked on over the years can speak for itself; our legal experts know how to act tough and swift to give your case a fighting chance against harsh convictions.

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