Apps Every Lawyer Needs

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Dictation App

For those who can talk faster than they can type on their smartphone keyboards. It’s an easy way to take notes when you’re on the go. It’s like having a personal secretary with you. The app uses voice recognition software to allow you to dictate messages that will be written down for later reference.

Document Editor App

For attorneys especially, being able to edit Microsoft Office documents on-the-go is almost invaluable. Whether you’re fixing a quick terminology error or adding footnotes, having a document editing app can keep you on top of the constant stream of Excel and Word documents that clients send your way.

Virtual Desktop App

You may have heard of this type of software before, which lets you access your work desktop from home. Well, someone has conveniently integrated this technology into a handy smartphone app. If you happen to be out of the office but need access to some important documents that are on your work desktop or document management system.

Case or Statute Reference App

These apps allow you to quickly and easily search for and reference any case or statute on the go or in the courtroom. There are even apps for individual jurisdictions. These apps can give you access to the statute text, local rules, and civil procedure rules too. Some apps even let you access the info without a WiFi or Internet connection. Think about it – how convenient would it be to quickly look up a new case that you aren’t familiar with in court after your opponent has referenced it.

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